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enkay18 07-13-2010 04:47 AM

Converting Bathtub to Shower
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Hi - I'm trying to convert the bathtub in my bathroom to a Tile shower with sliding glass.

The demolition part went really well, within 4-5 hours I was able to clear out the old mess. The tub was a fiberglass tub with surounds ( attached pic )...i took out the tub by cutting into pieces using a reciprocating saw and used a utility knife around the edges to expose the nails and screws holding it to the dry wall.

But it looks like I'm completely lost now..haha...

I was thinking of using this backer board ( ) to do my tile installation on the wall and using the this acrylic shower tray on the floor.

However I just realized that maybe there already is a backer board on the wall which I didn't remove. I'm not sure. I've attached pictures of my bathroom as it stands now.

I'm wondering if they are indeed backer board then do I take them out and replace with new ones or should I just install my tiles over the existing ones? I probably need to water proof them etc.

Also the floor is just wood, probably OSB chip board. Can i install the shower try just on top of the board or do I need to put backer board on the floor too and water proof it? Since the tub didnt need a backerboard i'm thinking a shower try should be the same.

I also probably need to move the water trap around since the shower tray needs the trap at the corner. And also there is an extra pipe coming out for bath tub which I don't want, since i'll be using only the head shower. What do i need to do? I'm completely lost here.

And Finally any tips to install glass sliding door for the shower? Any recommendation for which one to use?

I know i've asked too many questions but as you can probably guess i'm a complete noob here. I'll really appreciate if someone can help me out here.

Just Bill 07-14-2010 06:51 AM

That looks like drywall to me, it should never be under tile in a shower. Tear it out down to the studs.

It sounds like you are in over your head. Have a plumber redo the drain and supply. The new base may be able to sit directly on the subfloor, but follow directions that came with it. Some need additional support underneath.

enkay18 07-14-2010 02:05 PM

Thanks for your reply, i'll probably ask a professional to come in and fix it for me.

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