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Badfish740 01-23-2013 04:08 PM

Concrete countertop sealing?
I cast my countertop on Saturday and all went well. It's currently sitting in my basement curing-I've been spraying the underside of the mold twice a day to keep it moist and I haven't seen a single crack. I plan on popping it out this weekend as it will be a full seven days since the pour and according to Quikrete's (I used their countertop mix) it will have reached 3,500 psi by then. It should still be fairly green which will allow filling of any pinholes with concrete patch on the finished side. Does anyone have any recommendations for sealers? Quikrete makes this sealer which is available pretty much anywhere:

Seems like it will do the job-I won't need much, but they don't make it in smaller quantities. After this I plan on waxing it with caranuba wax and moving it into place. Any reason to go with a different sealer? I should add that this countertop is not be used in a kitchen, but rather as a "hearth pad" of sorts underneath my TV. It may get an occasional drink placed on it, but that's about it. It won't be getting kitchen wear and tear.

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