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Liv 03-08-2012 12:00 PM

Complete bathroom redesign- need help with shower placement
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This is what our bathroom looks like now (not really drawn to scale and I just jotted down the measurements I could remember...sorry!). The shower was originally located just inside the door to the right, it was a small 3.3x3.5 claustrophobic shower that was completely enclosed. We want to move the shower to the very back of the bathroom where there is a TON of room, and put a linen closet where the old shower used to be.
Photo 1 shows what we're working with.

The first option we thought of, was to make a large 3X7 shower at the very back of the room and put one door in the middle with tile walls on either side that go up until about 1 foot below the ceiling (if that makes sense). However, I'm thinking that the 3' depth might be a little too narrow, since the actual depth will be even a little less than 3 feet with the wall and tile. We want to put double shower heads on either side of this (see photo 2)

Something else we thought of (photo 3) was to build a wall (4 feet high with a glass topper to about a foot below the ceiling) from just after the vanities towards the toilet room (approx 5 feet), and then turn 90 degrees and continue that wall past the toilet room door towards the back of the bathroom, leaving an opening to enter the shower at the very end to the right. This would give us approx 5x6 shower, and we could feasibly put two shower heads, one regular, and one rain shower. Does this make sense? You'd be able to see into the shower from the rest of the bathroom because of the glass top above the 4 foot wall we'd need to build.

Is this a crazy idea? Any other ideas on how we could fit a big enough bathroom for two shower heads in our space? Thanks.

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