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Missjeanius 09-03-2012 01:05 PM

Cement board w/Green board vs. Fiberock ?
I am currently renovating my bathroom due to loose tiles that were placed on top of drywall that is now moldy and falling apart. I have torn out all of the tiles & walls from around the bathtub and want to replace it with a waterproof barrier and cement board.

The issue that I have run into is that the cement board is 1/8" thinner than the drywall that is around the rest of the bathroom. I have not tried to put the cement board up yet because I have been trying to find a solution to this problem (i.e. 1/8" shims or someone who can give me advice on how to remedy the situation).

I was looking at ideas on youtube yesterday and came across a new type of backer called Fiberock Tile Backerboard. It is waterproof, and can be tiled or painted. I was considering removing all of the walls in my bathroom and putting this up instead so that I can tile around the bathtub and just paint the rest, and not worry about a transition point between the cement board & green board. Does anyone have any experience with this product, or any advice on the 1/8" difference in wall thickness? (The rest of the walls in the bathroom have old wallpaper that has been painted on top of, so I wouldn't mind removing the rest of the walls just to get rid of the ugly bubbles & ripples in the painted-over wallpaper.)

md2lgyk 09-03-2012 04:15 PM

If it were me (and I have done what you're looking to do), I'd tear out everything down to the studs. Why do half a job??

DannyT 09-03-2012 05:31 PM

that would be your call. the backer board would cost you over twice as much as drywall. i would shim the 1/8 inch. don't forget to waterproof either behind or over top of the cement board.

Mop in Hand 09-04-2012 08:45 AM

Shim out the area with "butt shims" (drywall shims, furring strips). They are available at H.D. in the drywall department. These strips are 1/16" thick, so you may need two to achieve the proper thickness.

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