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imported_sarah 09-10-2004 04:36 AM

Boxing pipes in
Hi, can anyone advise me how to go about boxing then pipes in in my new bathroom? they are mainly along skirting board. Is it reasonably easy for an ok-ish DIYer?

PS why are joiners so bloody unreliable??!!

MgMopar 09-10-2004 08:01 AM

Hi sarah

Their are many ways to box in pipes and the level of difficulty depends on how it need to be done. I they are small enough and close together a couple of 1x4's or so can be finished nailed together at a 90 deg then finished and installed over the pipes, providing a cover if they are close to a floor or wall. That probably the simplest. If you could attach a photo of your problem and basic dimensions It will be much easier to give an appropriate suggestion. Sometimes framing would be necessary, and you don't nessarly want the end result looking like a box over pipes, it probbley can be made to look like it belongs.

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