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bathroom exhaust vent

okay, so my wife and i are looking at remodeling one of our bathrooms, and i need to install an exhaust vent. should i go through the roof or the soffit? i don't have gables, and the roof is nearly flat, 1.4:12 pitch, with lava rock held(loosely) in place with tar. there are no roof vents, and minimal insulation.


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I'm not up to snuff on the codes for bathroom exhaust fans, but, mine is vented to the soffit and I've never had any issues. For me, it was one less hole in the roof that could potentially leak. Ideally, I would say a roof exhaust is better, but I see no issues (unless your local codes prohibit it) with a soffit exhaust system.


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just went and looked at the soffit area and now i am concerned with the amount of space. not sure i can get a good unrestricted bend.
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I was debating the same when I installed my exhaust fan. I decided to go with the roof. To make things easier I cut a hole in the ceiling big enough for me to attached the insulated flex pipe the roof went. I then insulated with bats and fixed the drywall to receive the exhaust fan.
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One more thing that you might want to think about, is buying more capacity than you need for your room. My room rated a 35 CFM exhaust fan...I installed a 140 CFM fan with light. Why, you might ask. Sure it cost more, but now, I never have any, and I repeat any moisture in my bathroom.

The new fan was a quick install...virtually fitting in the same cutout as the old fan. It's way less noisy, and I wouldn't do it any other way. No more wet walls, ceiling, and fogged mirrors.

No more mold problems.

The calculators that you find on the internet that allow you to determine the size of exhaust fan that you need are the minimum suggested size. Don't be afraid to double or triple the CFM for your room.

I'm sure you don't need to go as large as I did, but it's my feeling that more is better in this case.

I went through the roof...not a leak, even in the worst rain storms that you can imagine...but, in my case, I have a shingle roof with more pitch.

Here's another item that you might want to consider, if you're using an exhaust fan that comes with a light. Do you want the light fixture mounted to the fan housing unit, or mounted to the light cover / lens assembly.

I have both, and will, in the future, choose units with the light mounted to the fan housing unit. Why? Because, they are much easier to clean. Just pull the cover / lens and take it to the kitchen sink and use soap and water to clean it. This is not possible where the light unit is attached to the fan cover.

Just some food for thought.

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