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RichardZ 09-10-2013 10:05 AM

Acrylic vs. Solvent-Based Caulk
I'm wondering how good acrylic caulk is versus the more traditional solvent-based caulk.

Traditionally, I have used solvent-based caulks in critical places (like sealing around a bathtub) because they're "better", and acrylic caulks everywhere else because they're way easier.

Recently, I put a tub surround up, and was told to NOT use silicone, as it wouldn't stick as well. I ended up using Loctite's Power Grab for Tub Surrounds, which is water-based. This got me thinking that maybe acrylic has improved to the point where it is roughly on par with solvent-based caulks.

I'm thinking that this may be a reprise of the latex vs. oil paint scenario. When latex paint first came out, it was OK, but oil was clearly superior. Fast-forward to today, and latex has improved to the point where it has essentially displaced oil.

Same thing may have happened with caulk, and I just didn't notice. "Way back when", acrylic was just OK. But over the years, it's improved dramatically and my perception hasn't kept up with the changes. On the other hand, it could be that while acrylic has improved, it still hasn't reached the point where it can go head-to-head with solvent-based products.

Any thoughts about acrylic caulk versus solvent-based caulk?


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