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And Yet another... Actually NYSEG question

Live in Northern NY on the NY/VT/QC border.

History: I have a 50 yr old home that is current heated with an oil-fired furnace (Friedrick). Additionally, I have two 40 gal gas water heaters (piped in parallel). (used to be an apartment in the back, now just storage). so I use both heaters for DHW.

-Replace furnace with Gas-fired efficient model (looking at York Affinity line).
-Replace HWH with Rinnai R75Lsi tankless heater.

Nyseg is offering up to $500 rebate for the installation of new efficient gas appliances (when converting from other fuel source). We plan on purchasing the units from my father-in-law (for obvious cost savings) who is a licensed plumber in Vermont. My initial plan was to do the installs with him. However, I have a feeling that NYSEG is going to require that a NYS licensed plumber do the gas installation. I may be wrong, but I do not think that NYSEG would accept an out-of-state licenced plumbers work/word.

Any NYS plumbers here at the wall have any thoughts or opinions towards piping up equipment that was installed by an out-of-state licenced contractor?

We do not want to get anyone in trouble here, and want to do this legally. I can not foresee a problem with it. Although speaking from the experience of the wall, how much effort is there to pipe these two items? Is it 1-2 days? CAn tubing be used for NG in NYS? (I used to have the code books handy, but I am not in the HVAC business any longer, nor can I find on the net).
Sorry such a long post. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Plumbers like all businesses mark up their products in order to make a profit. When a customer supplies his own materials it cuts into the plumbers profits. The difference is at least partially made up by further marking up materials we do supply or in the labor costs. So you can bet somewhere in that bill will be an invisible markup for the parts you supply.

The other deal is their is no warranty on customer supplied products. This is a big problem when guys buy cheap stuff from Home Depot and want it installed. For example. A customer supplies a water heater and it's a real cheap piece of junk. We try to sell him on returning it and buying a better unit and explain that only our work and parts we supply are warrantied. He refuses and we install it. Two weeks later we get a callback for no hot water. Turns out the tank is actually leaking onto the pilot.

The customer wants us to replace it under warranty. We inform them that as they supplied it they are responsible for having it replaced under warranty. So the customer calls the company who will replace the unit but of course he has to bring it in and pick up the new one. He's pissed as anything when we tell him he will have to pay to have us remove it and re-install it.

This actually happens fairly often with things from Home Depot. It's an especially big problem with their toilets. Sometimes the problem doesn't pop up until it's installed then they have to pay to have the toilet removed and installed again. Even if we notice it off the bat we aren't going to wait around for free for the customer to go exchange it. If we leave and come back they wind up paying an extra hours labor.

The moral of the story is fairly often people would have been better off just buying the product through us. Also, don't shop at Home Depot.

As for the gas lines call your local building inspector and ask. You may be able to pull permits as a homeowner.


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Well, my plan is to have my father-in-law act as the installing contractor, since is he is a licensed contractor, and I am purchasing the equipment through him.

Regarding your comments about warranties, etc. I would only ask for warranty work on the work the contractor actually performed. If there was a malfunction with the equipment, then that would be on me and the manufacturer.
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