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trapman 10-01-2012 03:07 PM

Wisconsin cabin water system with submersed well
About 7 years ago we had a well drilled at our cabin in Wisconsin. I believe it is about 120 feed deep. The pump installed was a 3/4 HP 10P Sta-Rite Signature 2000 with motor model 2145079004. For about 5 years we only had a faucet on a pipe next to the well casing. When we would turn off power to the pump you could hear air being sucked down the open faucet.

Two years ago we finally added on the bathroom and kitchen to the cabin. My questions involves check valves and bleeders and winterizing the system.

1. Is the only way you can tell if check valves and a bleeder are installed is to pull the pipe/pump up from the pitless adapter? I think the Sta-Rite pump has an installed check valve and I know the list of parts that were purchased from a pump and plumbing place listed a 1" bleeder and a 1 1/4" check valve.

2. The pressure tank we have installed is a Flotec precharged FP7110T. The instructions show that plugs should be installed in any bleeders. What are the ramifications if a bleeder is still in the system?

3. For the last two years we have had water in the cabin. We have winterized by draining the hot water heater and pressure tank and used a wet vacuum to suck up the water in the toilet tank and out the pipes as best we could. We then put RV antifreeze in the traps. We did have a shower water pipe split last winter when I apparently didn't get all the water out of it. This year we want to use a compressor to blow out the pipes. Is there any special method or placement of the fitting so we don't damage anything (pressure tank, ????).

Thanks for any help.


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