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dwayne423 01-29-2010 06:39 AM

Wife's Plumbing
I thought that title might get some quick attention.:laughing:
Have completely gutted one of the wife's bathrooms, she has 2, (the dog, 4 cats and myself have to share the downstairs bathroom).:censored: She's wanted her bathrooms renovated for some years particularly the purple one (my favorite color) and it has / had one hell of good flushing commode (Rheem 3.5). I have been able to put off any renovating until recently, found her shower pan leaking / raining down into my bathroom. I believe that sometimes while I was utilizing my bathroom she would run upstairs and take a shower in hopes of expediting the renovation of her bathroom.::cursing: There is a 2 inch cast iron vent which is not inside the wall, it is in the corner & boxed in with plywood & drywall from floor to ceiling. Wife wants it to go away. Lav sink & vent are at an outside wall- no space to get to it in the attic-don't want to punch thru to outside & have vent on outside wall-I am going to cut vent under sub floor use 2"x1 1/2" no hub band & adapter, 2 street 8th bends, hole saw 1 1/2" thru 2x4 inside wall on floor & 1 1/2 sanitary T for lav sink waste arm ( studs are allready notched out from where I removed lead waste arm) & was going to put studor vent a few inches above the 1 1/2" sanitary T and would have a small access door or plastic vent to cover. I know SHE won't like access door or plastic vent cover (ASStetics) so since I am stubbing out 1x1/2 waste to lav sink why not put the studor vent on there & raise it up as high as I can between the sink & the wall. The waste arm will be 30", the studor will be mounted after the trap as high as I can get it, won't be using a sanitary T will just 90 it down, the 1 1/2 will be no hubed to the 2" cast iron. Here's what im worried about the vent services the downstairs kitchen sink also and im reducing the 2" vent to 1 1/2" studor under the lav sink. If I remember my DFU's correctly lav is 1 and kitchen sink is 2 total 3, studor vent mini boast it can handle 20 DFU's. Studor vent under upstairs lav sink to vent it & downstairs kitchen sink good plan or not?
V / R
DWAYNE (Floriduh)

dwayne423 01-29-2010 11:08 PM

My bad, found vent does not service downstairs kitchen sink, it turned under sub floor and picked up the shower then to 4" stack. Have gotten some CI and all lead & have most of drains in & water lines transitioned from galvanized to cpvc & 1/2 of 2" CI vent down. Maybe complete with plumbing by tomorrow. Was a real tuff job getting lav drain re-routed thru timbers & some concrete. Have stubbed up for 4" CO and 1 1/2 CO's on walls discreet places with flush plugs and small access panels, she wont like it but in my mind is required wherever a water saver commode going in. I still have the purple beast, going to calcisolve mineral build up out of jets etc. & have it re-finished cream color all in preparation of when she gets tired of occasional problem with water saver she WILL beg to have the monster back. Anyone have any recommendation for a water saver commode ?

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