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Wife 02-20-2011 04:21 AM

Wierd problem with non-draining bathroom sink
My bathroom sink won't drain UNLESS I close the drain while I start the water running. When the sink is almost full of water, I open the drain, I hear an air pocket dislodge, and then the sink drains just fine-- quickly, smoothly, no gurgling -- it drains fine AFTER I first close the drain while beginning the water running. Once the sink is draining well, as soon as I stop the water running, the problem reoccurs. So every time I use the sink, I must begin by filling the sink with water, and then opening the drain.

I'm tired of my plug thing coming apart from overuse and then having to fix that too. How can I get my sink to drain without going through this routine?

Thanks for your help.

plumberinlaw 02-20-2011 10:28 AM

First I would pull the plug and cable the line to make sure there was no soap/scum buildup restricting the drain. Then I would make sure the overflow is working and not plugged. Lastly adjust the stopper to open to the maximum height while still being able to seal the sink.

yuri 02-20-2011 10:38 AM

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Another trick you can try is to use a bottle brush if you can find a small 1/2" diameter one at HDepot etc and poke it up/down thru the drain and under the stopper on a regular basis whilst running the cold water. Then fill the sink fully with cold water and quickly open the drain. THe velocity of the water helps flush the drain and scum you loosened down. I have to do this every month or so as soap scum/hair gel sticks to the stopper body. Easier than snaking it or running "draino" or "liquid plumber" drain solution down and more environmentally friendly. You may want to try some liquid drain cleaner also. Read the instructions carefully and wear rubber gloves.

danrb007 02-26-2011 06:25 PM

On a bathroom sink it isn't that hard to pull the p-trap especially if it is pvc. What I do is pull the stopper arm out and then pull the p-trap. I tak a paper towel and ush it down the drain to clean all the build up out. Then another paper towel using a screw driver to push it all the way through the p-trap. I then put it all back together, fill the sink all the way up with cold water making sure the stopper holds. Then I open the stopper and look under the sink and use a piece of toilet paper and check for any leaks. I do that about every 6 months or so or whenever it starts draining slow again.

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