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Why Does the Sewer Get Blocked on a Holiday?

Typical Sunday morning....cup of coffee....walk outside with the wife to plan the days activities........

And I see a drip of water coming out of the new clean out at the back of the house....I pull the cap off and water pours out....that's not good....

I pull out my 25' hand snake.....start shoving it in.....

More water is coming out....."Kids, I told you not to flush the toilet"......"But we didn't'.

Walk around to the front.....washing machine is on a drain cycle...

Lets see....the new addition is about 18' to the back of the existing house....it's 33' to the front of the house where the washing machine is....that means the blockage is between the front of the house and the street....


Happy Mother's Day honey....

Anyway....the sh!tter is back in operation.....

Went to HD...rented a 75' snake.....they have 'powered feed' ones...but without knowing more, I would rather feed it by hand....I figure it's less likely to break pipe....

Anyway...good news and bad....pipe is open...but only for a short time.


Best I can tell is that it's almost to the sidewalk. I have that orange clay pipe....house is 60 years old....and 2 people on the street have already done the 'dig up the front yard and replace the pipe' trick....I guess I'm next.

We have a friend who is also a plumber that lives on the other block.....yea....I could have called him....but this is Sunday...and even though he is a friend....I'm not going to bother him.....besides, I would expect to pay weekend/emergency rates...even if he is a friend....sorry...I don't take advantage of friends...

But I am going to call him and have him run the camera down the pipe...might as well find out where and how bad the problem is....that way I can figure out how long I have before I tear up the front yard....

Side note....I am REALLY glad I installed that clean out at the rear of the house on the new addition....nice straight run down my sewer....I can push the snake in about 20-30' before I need to turn on the motor....

For any of you plumbing guys....I think I already know the answer...but is there anything that will delay a root problem? If I can keep it working for at least another year so I can finish up the 2-story addition....I would be a happy camper....

I prefer to plan a big expense vs an emergency expense....in some cases you can get a price break from a plumber when you can plan it ahead....


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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Root X if done properly and the line is not severely damaged should hold for a couple years, when we do a Root extraction and treatment we warranty that the roots will not return for 2 years or we will do it again no charge. Again treatment must be done correctly and the condition of the pipe is important. I have treatments going on 5 years without any problems to date.



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Happy Holidays, some stuff that happens on holidays- water heater failure, refrigerator breaks, heater won't fire, sewer backup. A/C no cold air, Oven breaks Thanksgiving, circuit breakers pop off Christmas(lighting), and many more. Why on a Holiday???????????
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Santa Claus?
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My lot is loaded with trees. Coppersulfate twice a year.......has kept lines open for the 45 yrs I have been here.
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Parents house, Christmas Day 2009: water heater broke.
Parents house, Christmas Day 2010: furnace broke.

Thanks a lot, Murphy.


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