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whole house water filter question

I'm sure this has been beat to death, but I am looking to install a whole house water filter or two and I am having some issues figuring out what sizes to get.

we have municipal water and nothing really specifically terrible going on with the water. This is just a general piece of mind/we're having a baby type move.

I was almost ready to pull the trigger on one of the big box 4X10 canister units, and run it with a single combo filter for sediment/carbon.

However, I've not been able to get it out of my head that a 2x set up with dual filters would be the best idea, as I can change out 1 before the other.

that has led me back to using 2x 2.5x10 canisters, either run separately for max configurability or in a dual rig for mounting purposes.

I dont really have room for a dual 4x10 set up (and they seem to be expoentially more expensive) unless I got really creative with the pipe work and start having all of these crazy loops going on.

The the space I've got to work with is a vertical run about 5 ft over the meter which then turns 90 degrees for about 3 ft into the hot water heater.

Before I get to my questions, the house is 2 stories with full basement. 1 1/2 on the first floor, 1 full on the second. basement is all 1/2 and 3/4" pex and copper. Second floor is all very old galvanized (and is being fed by an undersize pex pipe that I plan to replace), but water pressure is pretty decent, and untill we remodel I plan to leave that pipe in place. 2 hose bibs, 1 that will likely only be used to wash cars, and 1 that pretty much just gets wasted on my dead grass. Its my wife and I, and we are about to have our first in January, so not an abnormal water usage load.

So here is my question(s)

1. is a single 4x10 running a dual purpose filter a good move? Do you wind up replacing the filter just as much since half of it could go out before the other

2. How about a dual 2.5 set up? Will I burn through filters super fast or is that adequarte for a house of our size/usage?

3. is there any reason to do a completely isolated run for each filter assembly? I figure if I want to was a car or water the lawn, I can just bypass the whole thing? If I was feeling really ballsy I could even cut in a separate feed directly to the hose bibs which takes off before the filter runs.

4. I guess i should ask, is a dual 4x10 complete overkill? I dont think I can fit it in without going crazy, but if thats the bee's knees, I would.

5. Last question is about using pressure gauges with these....are the 3/4" hose bib style ones able to be used in a static configuration (I figured I would T off the line for them), or do you need something more specialized to stay in a static configuration?


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If your on city water and there's no water issues save your money and do nothing.
People spend thousands of dollars on UV, reverse osmoses filters,, chlorinators because some how there convinced by watching the news there's all this poop in the water.
99.9% of the time it's all hype.
The human body needs minerals to function, why take them out?


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Yeah, the water is probably fine maybe except for a little chlorine taste. If it really bothers you get an undersink cartridge filter with the medium taste/sediment/cysts filter. I have one of these and use for drinking/cooking/coffee water. Easy install and low maintenance.
Live long and prosper.
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this all started because we love the water from the fridge....

we then took it up a notch and decided to get a POU for the shower....same thing....love it.

why not carry that all the way into the whole house, including and especially my laundry (yes, my laundry), and the various bathing options for the baby (sinks, toilet, dishwasher??, outdoor hose).

I've seen enough photos of supposedly clean muni water installs that are completely brown within a month.... I've caught sediment in the screens of our showerhead and aerators (probably from our pipes flaking, but still)....

Its not that expensive either...both options will run me about $150 or so for the units and the copper I need to install them. Filters can vary, which is why I was looking for some guidance into how long it was expected they would last.
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I have a single 4x10 using these filters.

I inspect them once a month and flush the rust out. I replace them once per year. I am on municipal water but it is loaded with manganese and rust flakes from old pipes. I'm not affected, but parts of my town have faucet water that looks like coffee.

I can't hurt to have the filter but I would plumb the outside faucets around the filter. Might even want to consider a softener.
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