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radioflyer77 07-05-2012 09:45 PM

where do I set the black o- ring on the tub spout? or the threaded copper pipe?

I have a plumbing question. I recently had a plumber come in and fix my tub spout. The leaking tub spout was resolved but after the work had been completed I removed the spout without releasing the underneath screw with an allan wrench (so that I could thoroughly clean a mildew stain behind the spout). I twisted it all the way off until the spout was released from the threaded copper pipe. The black o-ring popped off ----- my problem is I don't know where I need to place the o-ring. Does this go back into the spout or onto the copper pipe? Is it necessary to put plumber's tape onto the copper pipe?

I tried to put the spout back on but it began leaking onto the back wall behind the spout again. Do you have any suggestions? Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!!

Do you think it is ok to fill the back wall hole with clear silicon where the copper pipe comes out from the wall? I saw this done on a plumbing video.

Aspiring Plummer

oh'mike 07-05-2012 10:23 PM

Post a picture---you may need to polish up the pipe with fine sand paper to remove the scratches from the set screw--

The o ring may well belong inside the tube of the spout--

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