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What are these pipes in my basement

Name:  pipe3.JPG
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Name:  pipe.JPG
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Name:  pipe4.JPG
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Name:  pipe2.JPG
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was told I could add a bathroom in my basement, but I don't know what these pipes are??
any help???


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Going to have to get a real plumber most likly to look it over to see what's what.
Those pictures do not show enough to even make a guess.


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that second to last pic shows a pipe with a cap on it. it's in the center of the pic looks grayish with the cement residue on it
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Welcome to the forum.

Anybody's guess. In 3 of the pics it looks like a pipe to nowhere. Copper pipe sticking up with no cap on it?? Can't be any water running to it unless there is a shut off somewhere. Next to the last pic, I can't make out any pipe with a cap on it.

Really would need a plumber on site to investigate what you have and see if those pipes are any use for a future basement bathroom. The pipe with a cap on it may have water running to it. Idk.

Try to trace them out and look for shut offs.

Others will be along with more suggestions/advice.
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Very unusual to see pipes like that sticking out of the walls.
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Could be anything; look around and see if you have any hints to help you figure it out. (Signs of old fixtures, or new piping nearby that may have replaced it, etc...)

There's also a chance you can find building plans or permits that will answer the question if you go to your township or city office. It depends on how long ago it was done, whether they pulled a permit when they put in or removed whatever was there, etc...

Sometimes houses just have old stuff...

I came across probably four odd pipes at my brother's once I looked around carefully. A totally disconnected old trap somehow permanently stuck above a joist that somebody obviously hadn't taken out when they re-did the kitchen above; an old galvanized pipe that was probably an unsealed old drain sticking out of the wall (now sealed); a length of 2" galvanized just randomly chilling up in the rafters (now tossed); and some sort of weird outdoor piping and hose connections in a small cylindrical concrete silo starting at ground level in the corner of the yard and going down.


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