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What did I do wrong with my toilet?

I had a Gerber toilet installed in 2011. The fluid master was sticking. I rebuilt the whole toilet, Valve, line, ect. So I get everything back together and I flush it and water gushes from under the tank. So I take the tank back off, I notice the rubber seal that goes under the big nut on the tank is much smaller than the one I took off. I put everything back together making sure everything is tight. Same thing again. Off comes the tank and now I put the old seal back on, reinstall everything, flush and water tight. What gives, I bought the universial Fliudmaster kit. Also, my toilet had no water line so I just messed with the water level until it flushed very well. Does anyone cAre to explain what the adjustment is on the flaper valve. I just left it set to max because I did not understand what the adjustment was. I set the height of the fluid master and inch above the overflow tube. Thanks


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sounds good on flush valve height the flapper dial is just to let you adjust amount of water flushes before flap falls


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"be careful at listening to just one persons advise" said myself
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As you found out, close couple gaskets (tank to bowl gaskets) are not universal...no matter what the packaging may say. Many toilets are brand and model specific on their gaskets. For instance, Kohler by itself has 3 or 4 (maybe more) different ones that are not interchangable model to model nor will the "universal" types work.
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Gerber uses a bigger deeper gasket,

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No, the label said universal.
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Today I just bought one of those adjustable flapper valves. The adjustment goes from 1(min) to 7(max). You adjust it by rotating the rubber flap, simple as that. I first set mine to 7 (max) and it produced a fairly large flush. I set it at 1 (min) and it produced a noticeably smaller flush.

First, I'm very surprised that replacing my flapper valve fixed the problem I was having with my flush... it wouldn't flush completely due to flapper valve closing prematurely. It didn't leak... it just closed way to soon and I tried everything to get it to close properly too... added more floatation, ensured it was opened all the way etc etc. Anyway, when I look at my old flapper valve it's almost identical to the new one. When I look at them I think to myself what in heavens name could go wrong with them? Well apparently something does go wrong because the new one works perfectly... it stays open properly now and I get a complete flush. I have no clue at the moment how and why it does stay open longer than the old one but it does. These don't appear to be high tech devices. What could possibly go wrong with the old one??

Secondly, and even more astonishing, is that I can adjust the new flapper valve to control how much water I use per flush and when I tried it .... IT WORKED! I can adjust how much water I use!!

When I bought the flapper I had no idea it was adjustable... I was focused on getting something that I thought would fit on my existing overflow tower... I wasn't paying attention to anything else. I got it home and put on my glasses and noticed the adjustments. I chuckled... no chance in hell that's gonna work lol.

I fully expected that replacing the flapper valve wouldn't fix the problem and that I would have to buy a new toilet.

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Another thing you can do besides not dropping those blue tablets in the back of your toilet is to wipe the surface where the flapper rests. That can get slim and what not built up. Good job on the toilet repair


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