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well water pH=5.8!!!

The "water specialist" just told me tht my water has a pH of 5.8 (acidic). Of course he also wants to sell me nuetralizer system for $4000. I'm not worried about corrosion, all of my pipes are PVC and other synthetics. Is this a health concern...are there cheaper alternatives to raise ph? Is it even needed?


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Acidity--low pH--is not a health risk.

There are two basic treatment approaches--injection of a chemical in the water and a filter bed of sacrificial material composed of calcite and corosex when the pH is less than 6.

A backwashing filter with a media bed of calcite and corosex is the more common because it requires a lot less tending/maintenance than chemical injection.

You can purchase a 2.5 cubic foot unit complete and delivered with media that will treat water flows up to to about 10 gpm for about $800 delivered from an online supplier. Backwashing filters need adequate well pump output for backwash so pay close attention to the backwashing requirements if you go this route. The 2.5 cubic foot unit I cited as an example requires 10 gpm for backwash.

Over time a pH of 5.8 will etch the toilet and other porcelain fixtures.


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The water out of my well is around 5.5 pH. I have lived in this house for 20 years, it was built in 1959, there is no evidence that any of the porcelain fixtures has ever been etched by the water. However, I had to replace all of the copper pipes in the house with PEX, since the copper all developed pinhole leaks. I also get iron loving bacteria that form brown masses and need occasional (twice a year) cleanout from the fixtures, because my water is relatively high in iron, and low pH.

I have never installed a pH adjustment system, possibly I would have if I felt it would have saved my copper piping, other than that no reason to.
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We had bought a huge batch of copper from mexico because it was dirt cheap. It developed pin holes after a month. We eventually found out it was was because of how they made the copper. They would take a sheet of copper and roll it then weld it. They didn't do a good job (cutting corners and so forth) with the welding (or what ever you call it) and so it developed the pin hole leaks. I was taught that Acidity didn't affect copper, but would affect plastic materials. I don't have any proof though. Sorry.

5.8 doesn't sound that bad, but if you can taste it then i would consider buying the backwash system.
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