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Well Water

I live in southeastern Wisconsin and just moved into a home that has a well for supply outdoor water only (ie, the well only supplies the water outside the house, inside the home is municipal water).
I've never had a well before and looking for some help on a few questions.

1) Over winter - I shut off the water, turned off the pump, and drained the pump. Anything else to do?

2) Under normal summer operation do I leave the water supply and pump energized or do I turn it on and off as I use it?

3) The pressure gage indicates about 50psi, but water is not very strong from the hose - anything I can look into? I have 5 outdoor water connections and water pressure at all seems the same. 50psi from the pump seems like it should be giving more pressure. Piping is exposed, in good shape, not leaking, etc. I found some info about priming the pump but *i think* this is a submersible pump and doesn't need priming, plus 50 psi seems like the pump is fine. Air in lines maybe? Any advice how to find out week water is weak from sill cocks?

4) The sillcocks all have vacuum breakers (permanent) - when I screw the hose on, that connection leaks - the hose and sill cock are in good shape - it seems to me that perhaps with the water not coming out of the hose at very high pressure that the vacuum breaker thinks it should be bleeding the water and its basically in a constant state of dribbling the water from between the breaker and the hose. All 5 connections have vacuum breakers and all 5 do the same thing. Is there a way to fix this? Am I in the right thinking that there isn't enough pressure for the vacuum breaker and that's why its letting water flow? Its constant flow whether hose is actuated or not. Similar to the other question above, it seems like pump and pressure are ok and pipes are good shape, not leaking, etc - anything else?

5) Again, this is outdoor water only so its not drinking water - any other maintenance to do on such on well and pump?

Anything else I should know, need to do, site where I can read up that maybe I haven't asked?
Thanks a ton for any help!


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What is the size of the piping suppling these spigots? If it is 1/2" and the overall length is considerable, your flow will be greatly reduced.

If your pressure switch is adjustable, you can move it up to about 60 lbs. I wouldnt go much over that.

You said your pipes aer exposed and you live in WI, yes, you do need to drain the system in the fall and blow out the lines if they are subject to freezing temperatures.

In the summer, you can just leave the pump on and let the pressure switch do its job of maintaining pressure.


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Thanks for the reply.

By exposed I meant they run through the basement but they are visible so I can see they aren't leaking causing the low volume

it is 1/2 inch pipe, but I did a little more review and a couple of the faucets are on straight runs of about 20 ft of 1/2 pipe. If I open the faucet with nothing connected, the vacuum breakers seem to respond correctly by letting water flow and not flowing out of the vent holes. All 5 faucets do this. The instant I connect a hose (I tried a 25 ft 5/8 hose and a 25 ft 1/2 hose) the vacuum breakers are venting as much water as they let into the hose. Not that I know what I'm talking about but not sure why connecting a hose would make them vent.
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Originally Posted by snuggles2010 View Post
3) The pressure gage indicates about 50psi, but water is not very strong from the hose - anything I can look into?
Check your GPM with a clock and a bucket.

If necessary, using
and knowing the pipe sizes and material, the whole piping layout can be debugged as if it were an electrical circuit.
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