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Well Water 411

We are scratching our heads about what to do with our water 'situation.' We have just built a new house and we are on well and septic. Our water absolutely sucks! Can anyone recommend good water softeners and iron filters? I've also heard about softeners that use chlorine... are they any good? I am scared of what the water will do to our appliances, pipes, showers, and toilets if we don't get a good system installed. We are also concerned about the prices of things. We have had two quotes, ranging from $4500-$6500. Are there machines out there that a ma and pa operation can purchase that can do the trick? Thanks.


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From personal experience, I recommend you get an independent water test. When I lived in Florida, I had 6 companies bid softeners and filters. Each of their tests showed different "bad" things in the water that "had" to be treated. One of the last companies reps laughed when I showed him the past results and systems I needed. He told me to do what I wanted, but I didn't need all the stuff they were trying to sell me. The last salesman was from a "major" company and when he heard about what I had been told, he didn't even do a test. He told me to go with the guy who had been so upfront with me. (He had worked for this guy in the past) I did, for way less money and in 11 years I never had a problem. Hopefully you can do the same.


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Definitely get an independent water test. This should be a part of any pre-purchase home inspection when you're looking at a house with well water. Don't trust the folks selling you systems to test the water. An independent test is only about $50-ish (if I recall).
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Thanks, Majakdragon and NateHanson, for your input. Can either of you recommend specific filters/softeners/water systems that we can use? Our water is very stinky and rusty. Where can we go to buy these machines ourselves? Thanks, again, for your time.
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You'll need to know specificly what your water needs first. you might not need a "system" at all, just one of those giant carbon filters that backwash every couple nights to clean it.

no sense adding any salt or other chemical unless you need them
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Art Teacher,

I bought a brand new home in 2006, first well was 85 feet deep and pulled up sand, so we had them redrill the second well down through a rock layer 135 feet deep. We had iron and smell problems so bad it stained the shower, tub and toilets dark orange. I looked into An Ecowater iron removal system. The guy told me it would be $2,200.00 and explained how it works. During the day it filters out the iron, at night it backwashes and pumps air into the filter. The iron goes down the drain and the air in the filter bed eliminates all odors. Works great! Best of all it does not need any additives to work. I have translucent PEX tubing to and from the unit, you can see how much iron it's removing, the inlet tubing is black and a year and a half later, the outlet tubing has a slight orange color. We don't need a softener, water is fine.

Hope that helps,

Dan Martyn


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