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Offalot 03-23-2007 11:02 AM

Well system problems
Im fixing up my new place that has been vacant for sometime, like 5 years. I went through and fixed all the other plumbing issues, clogs, broken pipes, new hot tank etc. I put in a new pump and it runs but when it hits around 60psi it clicksrapidly a few times then keeps going then clicks more, sometimes up to like 10 seconds sometimes it will click twice. This is almost definately because it is dropping pressure almost instantly. The pressure tank(which I did not replace) holds air and I put about 30 lbs in it but it still does the same thing. Im thinking maybe it is the check valve? If so where is the valve on a shallow well system? Is it hard to replace?
Another little tidbit, is the well is full above the level of all the components so there is already like 10psi of pressure at the tank to begin with, dont think this affects much but just throwing it out there.

Mike Swearingen 03-23-2007 01:42 PM

I'm not a well-and-pump pro, but I have maintained one for a long time.
The first thing to check is the pressure tank. Turn off the pump and drain the water pressure down. Then check the pressure in the tank with a tire gauge. The pressure should be two psi below your pump cut-on pressure.
If your pump is set for 40-60 psi cut-on/cut-off, the pressure in the pressure tank (without any water pressure) should be 38 psi. As the pump runs until cut-off, the pressure should rise in the tank until it reaches the cut-off pressure (60 psi).
If the tank pressure is too high, bleed it down to 38 psi. If it is too low, air it up with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor.
If it won't hold the pressure just sitting there or if water blows out of the air valve, the bladder is shot and you need to replace the tank.
There should be a check valve on the suction side of the pump if it is a shallow well (25' or less), but that should only affect the surge when the pump kicks on (which may not happen if the check is leaking).
Here are two excellent pro well-and-pump sites for future reference: (Temporarily Unavailable)
Good luck!

s&bn 07-10-2008 06:00 PM

similar issue as offalot
i'm a newbie and was very glad to find this site! I hope i am doing this right and not stepping on any toes!!

my issue; my new place was built in the 50's in the mid central foothills of california at about 2500' elevation with 2.5 acres. the original well is what would be considered shallow here, and I was told it is 70-80' it was abandoned because of septic systems nearby but is still available to me, I want to use it for irrigation. The electrical pump has not been used for years and has been exposed and disconnected. it is located on TOP of a concrete cap approx 4x4' with a 8" circular inspection cover, thru this with a bright light I can see water below. I am not sure how this type of system worked? how would I proceed in re-activating this well in an hopefully economical manner?

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