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fumbrunner 11-26-2011 02:34 PM

well pump, pressure tank issue??
Hoping someone could shed some light on this situation. We have a building that has been vacant for some time. It has a well, jet pump and 4 gallon pressure tank. Because it was vacant, we shut off the pump and emptied the pressure tank. Months later we wanted to get the system going again. We turned on the pump and it ran for 30 mins and the pressure would not move off of 0 psi. The gauge is on the pump. I'm at a loss why the pump would continue to run and not build up any pressure. Could the pressure tank be depressurized? Any help or tips to get the pressure back up to 20 to 40 psi would help.

I also primed the pump, but not sure I did it properly. Added about 1/2 a gallon or so to the pump.


DexterII 11-26-2011 03:08 PM

Well, I'm not the guy to tell you how to prime it, because I had one 30 years ago, and had a heck of a time priming it sometimes, so not sure that I was always doing it right either, but, although I obviously know nothing about the condition of your tank, I would suspect the prime before the tank.

AllanJ 11-26-2011 08:51 PM

If you are not getting any water out of open faucets then the problem is back at the pump and has nothing to do with the pressure tank.

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