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Well pump cycles on and off alot..

Hi, I have noticed that my deep well pump(down in the well) runs a lot more than it used to. It will cycle on when the pressure drops to 30 pounds, run for 10 seconds or so until the pressure goes up to about 53 pounds, then shuts off. With no water running in the house( except for a slightly leaky toilet tank valve) this happens every 30 min. or so.
Are the pressures about right and can the toilet tank valve leak be the problem or is it the pump or pressure switch? Thanks, Larry


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You may have a water-logged tank if the pump is short cycling. That tank is supposed to have a membrane inside to allow the pump some running time to maintain pressure in your your system, so it won't have to start/stop as often.

The leaking toilet is a separate issue and should be fixed regardless of your pump woes.


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Also check the air pressure in the tank. Should be within 2psi of the cut-on pressure setting.
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Fix the leaking toilet valve or shut off the water past teh pressure tank and see if that the pump running every 30 minutes, if it does, fix the leaking toilet valve. If not, then you have a leak between the pump and tank and you should fix the toilet anyway.
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I would definently get the problem with the tank adressed I have seen homes with a bad bladder tank where the constant on and off of the pump has made the elec. sys. catch on fire and burn down the house. Not good.

Try airing up the tank but the key is to turn the well pump off and drain the preasure down till no water is comin out of the pipes then leave the house lines on while airing up the tank cause with a bad tank water can get trapped in there and if it has no where to go you will not get the proper amount of air in it. And like previously stated air up the tank to 2 psi lower than the cut in preasure of the pump.

the tank preasure should be checked every 6 months to a year. Its simple maintenance that can save alot of money in the long run.
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wrong tank pressure?

I just tested the tank pressure and it read about 43 lbs. The pump cuts in at about 30 lbs and stops at about 53. Should I lower the tank pressure to 33lbs? Also, the pump shuts off with a clag sort of like an air hammer sound. This is new.
What do you all think, Thanks Larry
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If the pump turns on at 30, the tank pre-charge should be about 28. This pressure is read at the top of the tank with no water pressure at all. If there is water pressure, it'll cause a false reading.



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