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Alan 04-12-2006 12:43 PM

Well Problem
I'm on a well system, and have lately been having a problem where the pressure will completely shut off for about 1-2 seconds anytime we're using the water, and then the pump kicks on, and the pressure is back.

I'm assuming that what's happening is that the pressure tank is running out of pressure before the well kicks on. I realize there is an adjustment on the pump itself to set, but I set that up when we moved in, and it worked fine for a couple years. Is the pressure switch on the pump bad ? Is it replaceable, or do I have to buy an entirely new pump?

Mike Swearingen 04-16-2006 07:36 AM

Do you have a deep well (over 25') with a submersible pump or a shallow well (25' or less) with a surface pump?
What size pump? 1/2 hp? 3/4 hp? Other?
What is the cut-on/cut-off pressure set at? 20-40? 30-50? 40-60?
What is the air pressure in your pressure tank? (It should be two psi below your pump cut-on pressure with the pump off and water pressure drained down...test with a tire guage.)
You may just need to air up the pressure tank, if you changed the setting(s) on your pump pressure switch. If necessary, air it up the tank with a bicycle pump, or portable air tank or compressor.
Excellent tutorials on wells and pumps FYI:

Oldman 04-18-2006 07:29 PM

If you are still in need of an answer it sounds to me as if the line that feeds the pressure switch is clogged with sediment or rust. What happens is when the tank fills with pressure it takes a few moments for that pressure to work its way through the rust to turn off the pump, then when you use the water the pressure in the tank drops slowing down the water but the rust is still holding pressure on the switch, then after a while the pressure slowly drops making the pump come on. Try removing the line and clean it out using a coat hanger then rinsing it with some water. Next remove the pressure switch and look under it, you should see a bunch of screws that hold a plate on that the pipe threads into, remove the screws and clean out from under switch, reinstall everything and you should be fine, also the moderators advice on checking the air pressure should be done too. I would press in momenarily on the shrader valve too and see if any water comes out, indicates a ruptured bladder, but these would not cause your symptems though, just the thing to do since your at it already

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