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well pressures

I just had a new well pump put in about 2 weeks ago, and
still the water is real dirty, i will get clean and then you see the well pressure go up to 60 psi and back down to 30psi then
it keeps fluctuating and that when the water get real dirty.
Sometimes pressure will stay at 35psi and water gets cleaner
as long as it stays at 35. I put a filter in line and it hardly does anything. May pressure switch is set incorrectly causing constant fluctuation and stirring the well at the
bottom due to high pressures? Please help


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Sounds more like a bad or stuck check valve.


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You say the water is still real dirty, does that mean it was dirty before the new well pump was installed? The clarity of the water is usually a function of having a good screen installed in the well, so changing the pump is not likely to have any effect on water clarity.
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It sounds as if there is a water leak spraying water against the inside of the well stirring up dirt. Probably the fitting on the outlet of the pump.
Gary Slusser
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Dirty water!

By your description it sounds to me like your check valve sticks from time to time. This allows the water to rush back into the well causing what drillers call backwashing. Backwashing is like it says, you are backwashing water through the well screen. This is what drillers do to a well to develope or redevelope a well. This will cause locked silts to come into the well. It's good for developing the well but bad for a pump, check valve and home appliances. Replacing or possibly cleaning the check valve will stop the backwashing effect but you may still have some serious problems with silt in your pressure switch, pressure tank, hot water tank, ice makers, washing machine hose screens, shower heads, commodes and other in home appliances. Everything needs to be flushed and the well may even require redevelopement and cleaning.

Porky, MGWC
NGWA Certified "Master Ground Water Consultant"
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I concur with both of the above. Also, if it's galvanized pipe, check the threads, as a pinhole leak could have been missed.

This is definitely why we tend to advocate that the entire pump column be replaced when a pump is pulled.


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