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saimeiyu 09-02-2008 06:53 PM

Water went bye-bye in my tub/shower
So, yesterday I replaced the supply valves for both hot and cold water in my kitchen... I installed a dishwasher, R/O water filtration, and a disposal. Since I replaced the supply valves, I had to turn off the water to the house at the main stop... Everything in the kitchen is working the way it's supposed to.

Now there's virtually no water coming out of my tub/shower faucet. It just barely trickles out.

I tried burping the lines, and no dice. For some reason, the water pressure out of ALL of my other faucets is HIGH now. It used to be about medium, not too hard, not too soft... but now all of the other faucets just SHOOT the water out hard. Except my tub.

I'm going to try to take apart the knobs in my tub, it's 2 separate knobs for hot and cold, and you pull the stopper-thingy up on the tub spigot in order to turn on the shower. The showerhead is brand new b/c I was trying to improve the water pressure in the shower by replacing the old, nasty showerhead. It did get a tiny little bit better for a while, but... now this.

Any advice for how to go about this or other possible causes? I'm thinking maybe when I turned off the water to the house, it jogged something loose in the pipes? Or something... I don't know. But any advice would be appreciated.

Termite 09-02-2008 09:05 PM

You might want to make sure the new shower valve's stem and handle are installed correctly. Some come with a gear tooth-like limiter to prevent scalding, which could limit the valve's opening if incorrectly installed.

Also, you might wiggle the diverter gate at the tub spout, if any. It could be stuck halfway open.

There's a chance that water flow, opening/closing the main valve, or water hammer might have dislodged a piece of calcified gunk in a pipe. That might explain the higher flow and pressure at the faucets. If something dislodged, it could have found its way to the faucet. After ruling out the above obvious stuff, you might try turning the water off at the main shutoff and removing the shower's valve stem. Look to see if there is some sort of white-colored sediment or obstruction in the stem or the valve body.

saimeiyu 09-03-2008 04:21 PM

Got it fixed.


There was something inside the pipes, clogging it up. We ended up using a vacuum on the pipes and turning the main shut off valve off and on many times, and also letting the water shoot out of the valve without hindrance. It took a couple hours, and got scary for a little bit when ALL the water upstairs wasn't working for a little while.

But then I said a prayer and tried one last time turning the main supply off and on a couple times and it all decided to work for me.
I am happy now.

Termite 09-03-2008 04:55 PM

Glad you got it taken care of!

You should probably remove and clean the strainers from your faucets around your house. The little wire screens will certainly get filled with little chunks of loose mineral.

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