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Water Softener Systems

Good Morning

I have a question about water softeners. We just built a house in the country and have a dug well (approximately 27 feet). We have noticed some water spots on our dishes and shower walls. I read some threads on your site somewhere (can't find them now) that indicated that we should get our water tested and put out all the information on this site and hope for a response.

I brought my water in to a company and they gave me these results:

Hardness 18
Iron 0
Ph 8.1
TDS 341.

Our house is 1950 SQF
We have 2.5 bathrooms now with plumbing in the basement cement for one more additional bathroom that includes a 8x8 sauna.
In our ensuite master we have a large soaker tub for two and a stand up shower and in the other bathroom we have 1 regular tub/shower combo. The powder room obviously is just toilet and sink.
We run typical appliances - dishwasher, washing machine.

I don't know what the size of our main water line is?? we just built so I am assuming it is standard.

Private well.

When I picked up our water sample the person asked if we are having difficulty with three things:

Dishwashing Soap
and spots on things.

I haven't noticed a problem with dishwashing and shampoo but we have only been there 3 days. I have also read that there could be a concern about build up in pipes that can cause headaches down the road.

He said if we don't have problems with soap and shampoo than we don't really need a water softener because the water softener system will leave salt spots so you are just exchanging one spot for another. He suggested some sort of filter system to control the TDS 341 that was about 100 dollars that required filters that cost 25.

Of course as with everything - neighbours have been throwing in their two cents about where the water softener should be attached (on a main line to soften everything vs only on drinking and bathing water and clothes washer and leave the hard water going everywhere else.....

Obviously I am feeling confused....Any thoughts from anyone on this? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.


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At 18 grains per gallon, your water is indeed hard. And a pH of 8.1 is slightly alkaline. TDS seems high as well. I suggest you contact a place that sells water treatment systems (Culligan is most common but there are others). They can spec out and install exactly what you need. You can buy cheaper units (like Water Boss) at places such as Home Depot and install them yourself, but unless they are set up properly, they don't do much good. We have a fairly new Culligan system, and it's amazing how many different settings there are.

Once you experience soft water, you will be amazed at the difference. Besides cleaner dishes, you will use far less soap. We got a starter kit from Culligan that included several containers of laundry, dishwasher, and hand soaps. So little needs to be used that we haven't bought any of that stuff in almost four years, and there's still plenty left.

As for what to soften and what not to, we soften everything but the outside faucet. Besides drinking, laundry, and bath water, what else is there anyway?


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