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BobnSofi 03-23-2009 12:33 AM

Hi all,

We have a Kenmore Ultrasoft 400 water softener. We have not used it in a few years. We rehooked it up and turned it on, and it reduces the water pressure to our home once the water runs thru it. It seems like it is plugged up.

Any tips or thoughts on how to start repairing this water softener?

Thanks to all you pros in advance!

mark942 03-23-2009 07:01 AM

Does your softener have a bypass valve? If so, then bypass the softener when you are having this problem. Filter might be clogged. Resin might need changed. Nozzle also might be clogged. I would call Kenmore and ask them for more information. Good Luck.................:thumbsup:

wirenut1110 03-23-2009 01:22 PM

I would think just initiating a regeneration may solve it if the resin has become packed or sediment has accumulated in the screens.

Don't know how the resin would fair from just sitting that long.

Gary Slusser 03-23-2009 02:24 PM

First make sure you didn't plumb it backwards.

Visit and then animations and see how it is supposed to work.
Then check the troubleshooting animations.

If you didn't do a manual regeneration, first unless you have already, put about 5 gallons of water in the brine well (it has the float in it) not down through the salt. Then after it is done see how the flow is. If you still have the problem, take the valve off and see if the top basket is blocked and clean it if it is. There is a bottom basket on the bottom of the distributor tube that could be blocked but, you must be able to get it back in and that is very difficult with your cabinet model type softener if you don't know how to do it by washing it down with a garden hose etc..

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