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tpagel 02-23-2008 07:08 PM

Water seeping from well head - problem?
We have a well serving our house, and now, after weeks of almost continuous rain, there are thin jets of water coming through the bolt connections of the head cap and drips at other connection points. Clearly water within is under some pressure. Is this normal after so much rain? Does the pressure need to be relieved, and if so, should I simply try to loosen the bolts to alllow more water to stream out, or call a professional? I fear too pressure building building up and hurting our pipes! Any help would be most appreciated

wire_twister 02-24-2008 07:04 AM

Most artesian wells do not build enough pressure to damage the homes plumbing, just make sure to keep water out of the pressure switch, and control box if you have one. As for releiving the pressure, no need, switch off the pump and see if there is enough pressure to meet your demand inside the house, if so good for you, your cost to pump water just went to 0. When the pressure drops turn the pump back on. I have seen wells develop up to 60psi and stay that way for years with no detrimental effect on the homes piping.

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