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water scaling problem

Hi. We have a holiday home in a very hard water area in a hot climate. Our house was supplied with a "Star FS Style Free Standing/Dual Tank Softener and filter". We have been regularly refilling the bin with the appropriate salt for the past year (each filling seems to last about 1-2 months). However we didn't realise that we needed to replace the chemicals inside the enclosed tube and are about to do that now. In addition there is a "Waterworld" filter which we inadvertently didn't replace for a period of 3 years; I have just removed the filter and it is virtually the colour and consistency of sandstone!

The problem we are encountering is small hard particles getting stuck in the valves of the cisterns causing them to overflow, wasting tonnes of very expensive tankered water when we are away from the house. The particles are predominantly black pieces of rock (approx 0.2mm to 0.5mm) with some pieces of light brown lime scale. I am hoping that someone with knowledge and experience of this system can answer the following questions!

1. If we now start to replace the filter and chemicals at proper intervals are we likely to solve the problems we are experiencing?

2. Will the filter stop the particles getting through? I cut into the old filter and couldn't see any black particles or any particles of the size we are experiencingl; we do however get tankered water and perhaps it is only recently that the water has contained these larger particles.

3. Someone recommended we use an additional filter called "Combi Mate" that introduces a chemical to prevent limescale coming out of suspension. This sounds a good idea but would it work in harmony with our current water softener, or would it be counter productive?

I would very much appreciate some advice on this!



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If you get the equipment maintained and operating correctly, you may not have the problem. Not maintaining it could be causing your problem.


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Misuse of water

The misuse of water leads to the problems of water-logging, salt-imbalance, etc
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