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Mrdippy 01-27-2011 12:47 PM

Water pressure regulator question
I have a water pressure regulator with a stated range of 25 psi to 75psi which seems very common. Without the regulator my pressure is up near 105ish PSI where garden hoses stretched irrevocably and water blasted out of sinks. The default it shipped with was 50 psi which I never varied much from.

The regulator is almost 2 years old, should it be able to maintain a steady 75 psi under the draw of a faucet? The best I can get is 60 psi under any even very minimal draw, though it will ramp near 75 if there is no usage at all. For these two years prior I was never inclined to set the pressure above 50 except while tinkering with it. Is that working as designed or is my regulator fatigued from 2 years of work?

I'm asking this because I recently put in water saving shower heads and replaced some faucets to conserve. In doing my thinking was I'd like to use less water (be green), but since I'm blessed with high pressure I hoped I could crank it up to my advantage. Putting that to practice I'm finding the water regulator can only maintain a max of 60psi, so now we have very efficient but wimpy showers. I was hoping for a steady psi as close as I could get to 80psi which I pulled out of the air because it is the high end of the pressure range the government uses for their 2.5gal/min shower head requirements. Needless to say 60psi isn't very close! Much of my house is 3/4" iron piping from 1950s era, currently it is a Watts double union regulator, and prior to the last two years there never was any regulator for the water pressure. Thanks for reading!

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