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Water Pressure issues after new pump installation

In mid March, we had a new submersible pump installed in our well. Before the plumber left, we bled the pipes at a faucet in the basement until there was no more air in the line.

Since then, we have continually had air pockets in the hot water. The water spurts and spits out. Recently, we have started having trouble on the cold water side, as well. The spurts from the faucet have become increasingly more dramatic. When the pump kicks on, you can hear the the same affect in the tanks. There are violent surges and spurts as the water enters the tank from the well. At times it sounds like the pipes might break.

Background to know:
Our well occasionally runs dry. Usually once or twice per year.
We have an old-style pressure tank that needs to be drained every couple months as it gets water-logged.
We flushed bleach through the well after the pump was installed to disinfect. We did run the well dry at one point when we were flushing water through the system (we had faucets open for too long).

What could be causing this problem?


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Hi, I deal with many systems on a ship that pump liquid. These symptoms are due to air getting in the system by either the pump not being immersed deep enough in the water or a break in the pipework before it enters the house. Try bleeding it off again at the first tap (faucet), if this fails I find some pumps work better if they are 'flooded' first because afetr all they are designed to pump water, not air. To do this attach a neighbors hosepipe at a convenient break in the pipe work and fill the pipe all the way down to the pump, reconnect the pipe, start up the pump but only have the firat faucet open, no others. Once this proves clear of air and a steady flow of water is observed, choose the next faucet to 'bleed'. Choose the next highest one and work your way up until all air is ejected.
Hope this helps!


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Sounds to me like you most likely are just nursing along a well that should be capped (filled if your area requires that), and redrilled deeper. The water table in your area may have dropped. Is anyone else in you area and have they had similar problems? Have you had any future contact with the plumber and what was his recommendations.
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