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jinglwang 05-26-2009 06:29 PM

water meter relocation or fix?
Hello here,
I encounter a problem when buying a new property - it's a very old house. After purchasing, when turning on water service, found out not much water pressure in the house, but water flooded neighbor's backyard. It's huge leak after the city's meter. Here is a little background. The house is located in a street without water mains, and the meter is located in the corner of the block, so the water line after meter is more than 350 feet, and it penetrates three properties. Many new block walls, cement side walk, fences and lawn is on the way and on top of the pipes. It is a very old house, when it is in development, it might be only water source, now there is water mains in adjacent street which is only 100 feet away.
My choice: I asked for estimate, plumbing told me, prepare 5000 plus dollars for the fix or new pipe from meter to your house. Choice two, I called city and asked if I can have a new meter location. They studied and answered that it will cost me as much as 3000 dollars, plus, 100 feet to your house is not included, you have to ask a plumber to do it.
Any body have an idea how to deal with this situation?
Thanks in advance.

Plumber101 05-26-2009 07:13 PM

HOLY CRAP!!!! Where do you live that the city is goig to charge $3000 to tap a line.

Ask the City what a New tap and set a meter will cost. Then Rent a trencher and bury a 3/4" line. Try to find PROCORE for your water service to the house. 100 ft around $30

The most I have ever seen a City chare for a new tap is $675

If you trench your own make sure you call in a dig marking. Dig Safe of Dig Rite.

Then just cap the other line coming into the house

jinglwang 05-26-2009 09:06 PM

Thanks a lot for fast response. I am in Southern california. A city in Riverside. The fees is ~2200 dollars for new meter which will be adjacent to a house nearby. 720 dollars for disable the old leak line. 80 dollars for a new meter.

Procore is a company name? Yes. Where to buy those water pipes? The burial of the water pipe most likely have to hire a plumber to do, because I was told anything touches public walks will have to be a licensed contractor. The reason I prefer the new line is most of the 100 feet can be buried in a soil strip parallel to the cement side walk. The reason I am asking is I have a back yard with 400 feet deep, I would like to plant some trees and would like to connect myslf water pipes to there, and don't know where to purchase those pipes. And how long they come with? I think they should be delivered?

Thanks a lot for your help again!

Plumber101 05-26-2009 09:15 PM

You may find Procore at Home depot or Lowes. Basically it is PEX but with a high pressure rating. Code here is 160 psi for water service and burial. You can Gogle it. Also, if you are planning to run 400 ft you may have to go to 1 inch. Consult a plumber for sizing. Sorry to CA I have heard from other plumber on other forums that CA Codes are a little more strick.

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