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Water Line Where I Want To Build

We just purchased a property and want to build a slab-on-grade garage on it. There is a water line running through it feeding another house (another discussion), and we were thinking of re-routing the water line, but I think we can dig it up, upgrade it to code (if needed) allowable for under slabs, encase it in some sort of protective sleeve, bury it and be done. Should any future repairs/replacement needed, they/we could run another pipe through the sleeve if needed.

We live in NY and here's a code I found:
P2904.5.1 Under concrete slabs. Inaccessible water distribution piping under slabs shall be copper water tube minimum Type M, brass, ductile iron pressure pipe, cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/cross-linked polyethylene (PEX- AL-PEX) pressure pipe, polyethylene/aluminum/polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) pressure pipe, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) plastic pipe or tubing or polypropylene (PP) pipe or tubing, all to be installed with approved fittings or bends. The minimum pressure rating for plastic pipe or tubing installed under slabs shall be 100 pounds per square inch at 180F (689 kPa at 82C)
This code applies to DISTRIBUTION piping, but I guess the line I'm talking about would be a SUPPLY line...? Any other advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance - I really need some help figuring this out. See image below. Note - the house on the other property would be at the top edge of the image.


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This code applies to DISTRIBUTION piping, but I guess the line I'm talking about would be a SUPPLY line...?
It's the same thing....

All that code is telling you, is what type of pipe you have to use, and how you have to bury it. It doesn't look like it would be a big deal to conform to that.


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tbaker1 (12-26-2011)
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It's pretty much what jproffer says. My only additional comment would be to make sure that whatever method you choose make sure there's no buried joints. Less chance of leaks that way.
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This really isn't a good question to ask on a forum. Go ask your local building department. They will have the sayso or not and tell you what they want you to do. You'll need to talk to them about the garage anyway. Also, is there an easement for the water line going across your property?
Mike Hawkins
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Firehawk is on the money. You state that the water line feeds another house. Presumably you do not own that house, or I assume you would have mentioned it. There are several possibilities, each of which must be addressed before you start the project.

First off, the water line could conceivably be a public water line with an easement, or perhaps a utility owned water line. If so, you have no right to move it without approval from the utility or the Town.

Second, as Firehawk noted, this could be a private water line to the other house, however they may have an easement for it, in which case you have no authority to move it without their approval, and probably a new easement.

Once you have determined the exact status of the water line, which may require hiring an attorney to research the property rights, you can begin the process of applying for a permit for the garage and water line move from the Town. As noted, they may have specific requirements about the type of line you can put in, burial depth, shutoffs etc.
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Thanks for your replies. Here's some more information... I am working with the local code officers in charge of the permits. They will not "design" the procedure for me - they would tell me to hire an engineer/plumping contractor... However, I am still in the preliminary stages, so just trying to find out as much info before I pay big money to determine the project is not feasible. The way it works here is, you go to them with YOUR plans, and then they determine if you get the permit. They have to adhere to the codes, which in this case is why I posted the code - asking for some advice such as a proper type casing, etc.

Now as far as the 'easement' goes - that is another discussion, which I am working on, and will get figured out if/when the circumstances require. My basic question for now is, does anyone have any recommendations for the type of encasement pipe and/or the procedure for this - such as a split type so we don't have to disconnect the pipe, etc. Just looking for options for now... Thanks again - much helpful.


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