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ESCAMILLA 06-22-2012 11:24 PM

Water line???
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I have to redo my water line due to To many pipes going out of house in my basement floor here's my maze of pipes

Main coming out of basement floor a tee going to left side turns into 2 pipes going out my front foundation wall. Then on the right side another tee a pipe going into cement floor the other side of that tee goes again out my front foundation wall about 3 feet from the other 2. ( outside of my house I see only 1 that don't work. The other 2 are in the ground somewhere. Now my basement is half finished the front half) now about 15-20 feet away from main I have another water line coming up out of my basement floor ( this is on left mid side of house )next to my sink drain and vent pipes this one connect to all my water pipes then about 5 more next to this water line that are capped then 5 feet away from those ( this is in the middle of my house) a drain pipe and about 6 more that are capped then middle rear of house another water line comes up with a shut off valve then tee off goes up and out of rear of my house. Other side of tee goes to another tee going back into basement floor then back out side.. Note I have 3 viewable Faust outside that dont work.

I would like to run a new water line from main shutoff up front wall then along ceiling ( is finished drywall) then along my heating ducted work to hot water tank about 15-20 feet down the center then pop into ceiling around the main duct work...

I know how to run copper pipes I was wondering if you guys know of different kind of pipes I could run...thank you

oh'mike 06-23-2012 05:23 AM

You sure have a mess of old abandoned piping there---

I know your area---use copper--type L (blue stripe) NOT the cheaper type M---

Our code requires type L----

Good luck figuring out what piping is junk and what is working---

I see what looks like threaded electrical conduit in the third picture--How old is your home?

biggles 06-23-2012 06:21 AM

that is some cluster at the base of that HWH...:huh: do you have natural gas in the house verify they aren't that....i would just do copper from the city and do it in stages(so $$ doesn't slam you) disconnecting any and all galvinized or abandom them in place.maybe do all new spigots to the outside hoses front and back then the house drops it all copper going up into the house items..but definitly new copper from the city header along those ducts

ESCAMILLA 06-23-2012 07:44 AM

My home was built in 1923
I am not going to waste my time with these old pipes going to run new pipe from city pipe
Yes the white pipes are grounded to circuit box.. I already put 2 8 foot copper ground rods 6 feet apart with #6 wire

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