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shigyrl217 12-15-2007 10:16 PM

Water leaking in garage everytime we use washer! Please Help
hello, i am new to this forum. we have our washer and dryer in our garage and everytime we use our washer water leaks from the pipe in the back all over the garage floor. the washer has a black plastic tube in the back that sits inside of a white painted plumbing tube i guess and that is where the water is leaking from. my husband tried snaking the bottom of the pipe and it didn't work, it is still leaking. do we need to get up on the roof and snake the pipe all the way from the top? if so, we have a tile roof so how do we go about doing that without damaging the tiles? please help we are new home owners that don't know how to fix everything, and now can't do laundry. Thanks.

Mike Swearingen 12-15-2007 11:38 PM

It sounds like your washer drain line is going into a typical washing machine white plastic PVC standpipe drain.
There is a trap at the bottom of that standpipe. The "leaking" is a backup overflow most likely due to lint buildup in that trap and/or the line itself.
It needs to be snaked out until the drain flows freely.
You need a crank-handle flex snake that can negotiate its way through that trap and also clean out the blockage in the line. The snake can be fed down through the standpipe. You have no need to go up on the roof.
Good luck!

justdon 12-16-2007 04:27 PM

is there a cleanout??
is there a cleanout near the bottom of this washer drain?? IF snaking the trap isnt enough maybe opening the cleanout and watching where the water backs up,,might be further downstream blocked. Is there and almost FLAT areas of the drain before it gets to the stack that goes down?? Horizontal drains get plugged with soap scum AND lint!! Is this ALL plastic PVC pipe?? Or steel?? Or cast?? how OLD of home?? Stay off the tile roof if possible!! even PUT a cleanout near there IF you can!! I take it you live where freezing in a garage isnt a problem!!

DrDave 12-16-2007 07:03 PM

Your cleanout may not be inside where the visible plumbing is. For example, my kitchen cleanout was under 4 inches of dirt in a planter under the kitchen window. I found another cleanout about 8 feet from my septic tank hidden in bushes. They will, or should be in line with the plumbing however.:yes:

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