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Slomarmoreno 09-18-2012 05:20 PM

Water Leakage Under Basement Window Well
Just purchased a house and had some water leakage in the basement, primarily in one one corner of the house.

House was built in 1957.

It is furnished basement in the house.

Two months before the we purchased the house, the former owner completed putting in new storm drains around the house which lead out to the street in front of the house to drain.

During the excavation, most of the ground surrounding the house was disturbed. The area in the back of the house had the ground closest to the house disturbed due to the location of the gutters and downspouts that were put in.

I did a major upgrading of the back of the house by creating an even grade on the backside of the house because there are no gutters on the back of the house except for patio area. The grading went good and almost all of the leakage stopped and held up through some pretty big storms and all-rain days.

The only area now in which I get small leakage of water is under one of the window wells on the backside of the house. I had put brand new covers on the three window wells on the back of the house. They remain dry.

When I purchased the house and started doing work on the window wells. I pulled out all the weeds and dirt and found that each of the wells have poured concrete inside the wells with a small drain located in the concrete. One of the window wells has the concrete severely broken in it, but there is no identifiable leak with this window well.

First thing is that I have no idea where the little drains go to that under leading from under the window wells? I think it is has to go down alongside the foundation, but that really would not make sense would it?

Second, I now have this leak in the basement which is rather small compared to what we had before in only one section directly under the one basement window well. We graded all around that window well and there is no leak anywhere else on that wall in the basement.

The leak seems to be coming in from between the basement wall and floor under the window. No signs of leaking around the actual window.


What do I need to do to fix this problem? It seems that we fixed the leakage everywhere else?

Any ideas on where those drains go?

I am thinking that the water is somehow following the path of the old drain and then making it's way to the bottom of the foundation and then coming in that way. This is where all the other water was coming in before.

Like I said, we had an all-day rain and the inside of the wells are dry from the covers that I put on them, so the water has to be coming from somewhere other than inside the rain well.

If I put in a new rain well, do I need to put in a drain if they are covered? If so, can I just hook up a pipe to drain away from the house back into the yard. I hate to disturb the grading job, but it looks like it may need to be done to fix this problem.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

AllanJ 09-18-2012 05:29 PM

Put in a sump pump where the leak is occurring.

If you have leaking in additional places or wish to put the sump pump pit somewhere else, then you would need to put in a perimeter drain system below floor level with a perforated pipe to collect the water and dump it into the pit. Usually only one pit is needed to handle a perimeter drain system that goes all around the basement.

Actually before you start the sump pump project you should be sure that water is not pooling up against the foundation outside anywhere.

Slomarmoreno 09-18-2012 05:40 PM

I only have this one spot left for leakage. All of the other places cleared up and have been dry since doing the grading. I am think that water may be pooling somewhere around that window well, but is difficult to see or notice because of the well itself. I ha d a much bigger leak in the corner but that is all gone ever since I did the grading.

The grading was difficult around well, because it was just a little higher than ground level while the rest of the grading was completed off of the outside wall of the house. I really do not want to get into a sub-pump at this point, because I think this may be something dealing with just the window well and the drain that was underneath it. I do not know if I could try pulling the old well out and filling in that drain and then putting a new well in?

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