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Trgo 10-21-2012 06:09 PM

Water Heater Vacuum Breaker Needed???
I recently installed a new 50 gal. electric water heater.
Now I am about to have a new natural gas boiler installed.
The plumber who is to install the boiler tells me that to comply with code I must have a vacuum breaker in the cold water supply line to my water heater. The plumber states that when the inspector comes to inspect the boiler plumbing, he will insist that a vacuum breaker be installed on my water heater cold water supply line.
I have a PRIVATE WELL, and cannot understand WHY or HOW any sort of vacuum could occur with my water heater in my PRIVATE WELL water system.
This water heater is in Massachusetts, and my plumber states that a vacuum breaker is required by Massachusetts code on ALL water heater installations.
A vacuum breaker anywhere on a private well water system makes absolutely NO SENSE to me.

TheEplumber 10-21-2012 06:34 PM

Whether it's private or public water system makes no difference. Plumbing is about protecting human health.
If it's required in your state and the inspector asks for it, then you will have to comply- unless you want to go over his head and fight it :whistling2:

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