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marriedmanw 07-05-2010 09:53 AM

Water heater T/P vavle
Was in crawlspace and found a constant drip from the T/P valve pipe. The T/P valve was replaced a few months due to opening when using water heater. I removed the pipe to the T/P valve and placed bucket under and no drips. My thought is the pipe for the T/P valve is cooper and since it's going to crawlspace could it be condensation? The T/P valve is warm to the touch and the heat will carry down half of the cooper pipe. Could this be resolved by using PVC on T/P valve? The drip is pretty regular limit once every two seconds and when touching it's cold. The cooper pipe from the T/P valve is 4' long.

Left bucket under T/P valve during shower and it's dripping so the condensation theory failed. This T/P is only about 1 year old. Is it possiable that it's bad T/P valve or do I need to research further?


D'Brie 07-05-2010 10:37 PM

Install a new T&P. Oncde opened, they may (usually) will not completely reseal.

AllanJ 07-06-2010 08:02 AM

Do you have an expansion tank in your water system? Without that, pressure builds up each time the water heater cycles on (the new batch of water expands slightly when heated) and this can put too much exercise on the relief (temp. & pressure) valve that it 'sorta' wears out and develops a constant leak.

The best location for an expansion tank is on the cold inlet to the water heater downstream of the water heater inlet shutoff valve.

marriedmanw 07-06-2010 04:12 PM

AllenJ: That was part of the problem. I replaced the TP valve on the water heater and the same problem was still occuring. I contacted our water dept and they measured the water pressure at the meter which was 113lbs. Contacted plumber who is installing Pressure Reducing Valve and thermal expansion tank tomorrow. After talking with water dept I know I needed to bring in the pros. Hopefully once all this is done I will see reduction in my water bills, since it's not going down the TP pipe. To keep the water from dripping down the TP valve, I've been turning on breaker to WH 1 hour prior to use then immediatly after and captured 1/2 water during that time.

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