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Water heater shot?

So I previously had a bad T&P relief valve that I replaced, and that seems to have created more issues. I still had water in the floor and it was not from there because I had a drain bucket in place.

I took off the access panels to have a look, and found water in the upper panel. Is this a sign I should replace my water heater? It is approximately 7 years old, and as far as I know the only think that has been done to it is the relief valve (I've owned for 2 years)

Should I just replace it or look into fixing things first?


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Did you wrap or dope the new T&P valve threads?? It could be leaking from the threads. Quick check first, drain some water from the bottom flush valve. If it is brown or you see rust specks in it, replace the heater. If not, there are other places it can leak-- any of the fittings at the top, thermostat or heater element,....... or a rust hole in the tank.


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A little rust in the water does not mean you have to replace the water heater right away. Every few months you should drain a few gallons from the bottom valve of the water heater to get sediment out.

You can do this with the water still turned on. If you need or want to turn off the water, turn off the water heater first and have a hot water faucet upstairs running before turning the heater back on.
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.
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All the best flooded out house stories start like this one. If you put the new T&P in correctly and it's still leaking somewhere, replace the tank. It's a pressure vessel with minimum 50psi in it. Guess what most home insurance claims are?
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Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
Did you wrap or dope the new T&P valve threads?? It could be leaking from the threads.

One possible scenario?
Original problem, only T&P valve leaking from output pipe. Replaced T&P valve. New T&P valve not leaking from output pipe, but now connection of new T&P valve to heater leaking.


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"I took off the access panels to have a look, and found water in the upper panel."
I hate the word "assume", so let's just say: This sounds as if the panel/cover which covers the thermostat(s), wiring, and is the access to the heating elements. NOW: some models of electric water heaters use elements with have a four-bolt flange to hold the element into place. These use a rubber sealing gasket, sort of a square-shaped O-ring, if you will. I have found at times that these rubber gaskets will be leaking, run down the outside of the tank, but the inside of the sheet metal covering the entire water heater. This will also soak the fiberglass insulation if so equipped. Check for a leak in this area at both elements. These gaskets are available and easily replaced. Actually, this is a good time for removing, inspecting, replacing both elements. IF you do have the fiberglass insulation and it is wet, this will dry out over time.


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