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NJdan 08-30-2012 08:22 AM

Water heater issues?!?
im going to start at the beginning and work my way to my yelling and screaming last night...

I recently sheetrocked my kitchen and one of my 3 prong outlets were old and the support to screw it into the box was broke. My house was built in the 1950's and the previous home owner did everything half:censored: or jerry rigged everything... so in order to turn of the power to my kitchen i was forced after trying all circuit to turn off the entire power to the house (the box isnt labeled at ALL) So i changed the outlet without any issues... everything worked fine..

i took a shower and noticed that even on full hot water the shower was only luke warm so i got done tried all the other fausets and the same thing happened. i went to see the hot water heater and noticed alot of water coming out of the 2x2's that covered what i call a clean out drain in my basement floor. So i cleaned the water up shop vac'd the water and notice the cap on the pipe was off... after alot of hard work and cursing i got the cap on (that was rusted to the high heavens) it was still looking but i knew if i could just get it to stop gushing i could try to replace the cap the next day... After this a went to the hot water heater and it was blinking green which indicated it was either on recyle or lock-out (btw its a oil heated water heater) i pushed the red button to fire it back up (assuming because of the power being out it locked out) it fired up and stopped fired up and stopped 3 times after reading a few things it was priming... so it stayed blinking green but 35 minintes later i had hot water.. i went upstairs flushed the toilet and went back down stairs to inspect the water heater one mor etime... this is when i noticed that the slop sink is backed up and the slop sink drains off to the same pipe that i recently capped..This is when the yelling and screaming too place.. i know i need to snake the sewer line because its obviously clogged somewhere past the clean out drain.. .. but at 10:30pm i couldnt rent a snake... so the water eventually draing out of the slop since and i told my family not to flush the toilet... NOW this morning my wife said she had the same issue as i did the previous day with lake of hot water.. so i have a few questions....
1) could me turning off power to the hot cause the hot water heater to completely drain causing a clogg and resulting in popping the cap off in the clean out drain resulting in the water on the floor..

2) i dont see a thermostat on my water heater could it be anywhere else...

3) SHOULD i snake...

4) why wont my hot water heater stay (green) or stay ignited..

the oil pump for the hot water heater is a Beckett R7184b if that helps at alll

i also read that this model locks out the homeowner after 1 use.. so if you hold the red button down for 60seconds it goes into professional use and will start up again.. i did that as well and it started 3 times and stopped...

any suggestions... please help before i paid a plumber $$$$$$

jmon 06-04-2015 07:42 PM

Welcome to the forum Joe.

The original post is over 3 years old. It's confusing when you piggy back off another thread especially an old one. Try starting a new thread of your own with a different title/topic like "hot water pressure drops", you may get better results. Thanks.

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