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Water heater hot pipe noise

I have talked to a few people with all different answers so I thought I would open up the discussion here. I have a 2005 Florida home, The hot water pipe leaving the hot water heater going into the bedroom closet wall is making a noise. A clicking/clunk like noise. At first it made a rapid click right after turning off the water. Now it does it during the water running, after the water running, and the same noise can be heard hours after not even running the water only difference is the noise is just one clunk every 5-10 minutes. The pipe is PVC. I do not have an expansion tank on the water heater. And there are water hammer valves installed around the house like the washing machine, and under the sink from what I have seen so far. The noise was liveable during just water operation, but trying to sleep and hearing that is starting to make me crazy. People have said its just the hot water in the pipe and its normal, some say add an expansion tank. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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Water heater hot pipe noise

#1 It should never have been PVC, PVC is not suppost to be used for supply lines. Only CPVC, copper, or PEX.
Not there to hear it so we can only guess, pipes expand and contract, if it's in direct contact with the wall stud it will make noise.
Sure it's not the tank that's making noise and your just hearing it in the line?
Tanks will make noise when the bottom loads up with minerals because no ones ever drain them out. Should be done once a year.

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Water heater hot pipe noise

Just bought the house so I am not sure about previous flushing, I do have a well with rather hard water even with a softener. But as for the noise when you move/touch the pipe you can alter the sound. I was told it was common when they built the houses the pipes are to close to the wall/stud so that could be it.
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Water heater hot pipe noise

The water pipe fits tightly in the holes in the studs through which it passes. When you use hot water, the pipe expands (lengthwise). After you are done using hot water the pipe contracts. It sticks and suddenly slips, making clicking or creaking noises every few minutes or seconds rather than slide smoothly and silently.
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Water heater hot pipe noise

Its not usual for hot water pipe to make noise. Clicking/pinging noise. I have never heard of pvc on a hotwater line. Copper or pex. Could be pipe not fastened some where. Expansion hiting the wall of a whole its going through
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