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Fletcher33584 02-28-2006 08:13 AM

Water heater drain valve leak
I just finished change my heating elements in my water heater. Now that I refilled the tank I have a leak in the drain valve. Could this be because of hooking the hose to the valve, causing some damage? Is there an easy solution for this? Thanks!

MinConst 02-28-2006 09:36 AM

If the leak is from the spigot this would mean the valve is not shutting off. Might be a piece of sediment. Try running water through it an it might clear itself. If the leak is around the outside of the handle tighten the nut around the valve stem a little. If the leak is where the valve connects to the tank you may have damed the tank. Without seeing this I can't say much more.

Fletcher33584 02-28-2006 06:14 PM

I ran water through the valve and that made water leak faster. I'll have someone come out and repair it. Thanks for the help!

jproffer 02-28-2006 07:07 PM

If the water is leaking out of the spigot itself (where water is SUPPOSED to come out when the faucet is on) you can save the repair. The W/H isn't going to last forever anyway. Go to the hardware store and get a hose cap ($2 maybe) and put it on the spout of the spigot. If you ever need to drain it, just take it off.

BTW, this won't effect the safety of the W/H as this particular drain valve has nothing to do with the T & P valve anyway.

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