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non-VTEC 08-12-2012 04:03 PM

water hammer a diy newbie out...
hi guys.

im a DIY newbie when it comes to plumbing. however i have over 15 years of mechanical experience (if it matters?) so i felt i could tackle this with no problem.

anyway over the weekend i did some plumbing in my basement. i had an old water softener that stopped working and was just sitting there so i decided to replace it with a new unit. but since the softener was in a poor location which was in the way i decided to relocate the new unit approximately 25feet away in the section of the house where the furnace and hot water tank reside.

so i purchased a bunch of 3/4" copper pipe and all the required fittings/connections and re-connected all the piping.

now when i turn on anything that requires allot of water flow there is a steady hammering noise coming from inside the pipes. it only happens when the toilets are flushed, laundry taps open wide/full of washing machine is pulling water. if i just use the kitchen sink faucet of the bathroom faucets/shower there is no sound.

there is NO hammering/knocking when the taps are shut off....only when there is a demand for high water flow.

some other info you may need to know:

water main has 1" feed
out of the water meter its reduced to 3/4"
pipes that feed all faucets, toilets and taps are 1/2" that are fed off that 3/4" main feed.

all pipes that i installed are firmly secured. the pipes are not hammering from movement but from water flowing inside the pipes....

i was researching online and some say it could be air trapped in the pipes somewhere...but the sound is defiantly loudest around the water meter/feed area so how could there be air trapped in the meter???

any input or suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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