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Water In Basement Best Remedy

Hello. I have a 1500 sq ft. house with a cinder block foundation. The house was built in 1960s. In my basement when we get heavy rain I get water. I noticed there is pin holes in the joints where the water is coming in. The previous owns seems to have removed some of the concrete around the boarder of the basement floor to make a “ditch” and then tried to run it to the drain. They also painted the blocks white, not sure if this is the stuff you see in the store for wet basements. I will be putting up new gutters. But this still won’t resolve the issues on the other sides. What would you recommend in doing? French drain around the house? I read that it has to be a minimum of 3 feet away from the houses foundation which would not fix the issue then.


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Your problem is obviously on the OUTSIDE of your home. Make sure your soil is graded away from your house, make sure all gutters are working properly. Also check with neighbors who may have water runoff from their gutters running onto your property. Eliminate these obvious potential problems first. I've seen homeowners install a sump pump system in their basement only to find that their gutters were clogged and all that water was running over top and down their exterior walls into the basement.

You can do a sump pump system or improve the waterproofing of your exterior basement walls by excavating and installing a high tech membrane and foundation drains. The sump pump system will be less expensive for sure but if the power goes out and you have no back up electricity, your basement will flood.

The choices are up to you. What can your budget afford? Excavation of the exterior basement wall(s) is expensive. Again, make sure it's not something obvious before diving in to an expensive fix. P.S. No amount of waterproofing paint is going to keep out the amount of water you are discussing here. Waterproofing paint (on the inside) can keep small amounts of moisture wicking through the block at bay, but won't block any type of steady stream of water.


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First thing to start with, is make sure gutters and downspouts do not have stuff in them, causing overflowing situations. Second, make sure you use gutter extenders on the downspouts, to get the water away from the foundation. Third, make sure ground is sloped away from the foundation, so that any water that does come down, will roll away.

The reason of water being below at the footing level, is that you are allowing it to seep into the ground, and build up at that point.
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Got some pictures of the outside of the foundation?
Gymschu is 100% right on.
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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