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Bdterry 11-03-2012 01:29 AM

Washing machine drains causes bubbling in kitchen and bathroom sink
Every time washer drains kitchen sink makes loud bubbling noise and bathroom makes same noise just not as loud but bad smell comes out. Where the drain pipe for washer connects to drain there is an elbow piece then a upside down t where the.vent goes up. There is no p trap just an elbow then the upside down t. I san a smake from roof down the vent and not clogged. Why is this happening there are vent caps under both sinks whem I took one under kitchen sink off noise was almost gone I put it back and noise was again. No smell in kitchen only bathroom. Please help...


oh'mike 11-03-2012 07:09 AM

Your drains are running slow---Main drain to the street or septic could be the trouble---if septic---trouble could be in the tank or leach field---

Bdterry 11-03-2012 04:13 PM

I was a little off
aWsher drain goes straight down there is a 90 degree angle that the vent connects to and the drain goes straigjt down under the house. I dont see a trap at all.

oh'mike 11-03-2012 05:22 PM

If you could take a picture or two it would be very helpful---

when one drain causes bubbles and such in a near by drain---most times the drain is clogged or slow after the two drains are joined----

ben's plumbing 11-03-2012 05:48 PM

either the drain is clogging....or you have a obstruction in the vent....ben sr:yes:..or both

Bdterry 11-04-2012 03:20 AM

I will take pics tomorrow. All other drains in house work good just when the washing machine drains you hear it loud in kitchen and smell it in bathroom. I removed the vent cap under kitchen drain and with more air getting in the noise stopped in kitchen but still bad smell I/ bathroom along with some bubbling. The vent isnt clogged because I ran a snake down it but could the vent by washing machine be wrong. It comes out washer straigjt down with a t at just under floor level and the vent is elbowed to the t going out roof. I camt afford a plumber is tjere anything I can do to try fixing the problem?

Bdterry 11-04-2012 05:48 AM

When I said bubbling I just meant the sound no actual bubbles just the gurgling noise. If its a clog how do I find it? Any help thamks

gregzoll 11-04-2012 10:30 AM

If you have trees where the main line runs, the line is clogged with roots. Call a plumber to cut the roots, then use (Roebic Root killer) the night after they clean the roots out of the line. You do have to repeat the process yearly, but better than having a plumber come in every couple of years.

I was suggested by the plumber that did my line to use the Roebic, and it does work.

Bdterry 11-04-2012 04:22 PM

Already had roto rooter do the pipes. If its happening like I said where should the problem be if any knows

gregzoll 11-04-2012 04:52 PM

Roto Rooter is a rip off. Find another company. As for the problem, any reputable plumber can tell you, and the guesses that have been given are probably spot on. You never did state if you have trees in your yard, where the main waste line runs, or how old the structure is.

Bdterry 11-05-2012 03:27 PM

what about a p trap?
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there is no trap at the end of the drain. it goes straight down and vent comes in at 90 degree angle where drain goes under floor. i have pics hard to see. drain is on lefr going to a t on its side where it goesstraight down as drain andgoes right to vent that goes straight up to roof. is that correct?

gregzoll 11-05-2012 07:29 PM

No, because there is nothing to keep sewer gases from coming back out of the stand pipe for the washer. It should look like a S laying on its side, so that there is a trap.

Bdterry 11-06-2012 12:08 AM

so can that cause the bubbling in kitchen and bathroom sinks when washer is drying
I was thinking the easiest way for me is to cut the drain at the t and cap it then move it left far enough to put the trap and tap into the vent line so it will then be the drain line below

gregzoll 11-06-2012 12:16 AM

That would work, as long as this is the main floor, and that is the vent for that item, with nothing else draining into it from above.

Bdterry 11-06-2012 12:40 AM

Cool but can that set up I have now cause the bubbling in kitchen and bathroom sink
Washer is heavy duty and when got this washer is when bubbling started

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