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choda_boy_04 01-21-2010 02:43 PM

Washer Drains..... Soap comes out of floor Drain??
I have a house that was built in the 70's so I am not sure if anything has been changed plumbing wise since then, but when the washer goes into its drain cycle soap suds come out of the floor drain. I have put in a anti back up valve for the floor drain from home depot, but the suds do not float the valve. I am wanting to tile the area, in the future so I want to know what I can do to stop this from happening, hope fully it does not involve a jack hammer.

Thanks Cody

AllanJ 01-21-2010 04:44 PM

This is a sure sign the drain is clogged somewhere. You can try to have it Roto Rootered but if that doesn't work you might want to hire a plumber with a drain video camera.

If tree or shrub roots have gotten into the drain pipes, you might succeed in get them cleared out but you will have to redo the chemical treatment at least twice a year to keep new root growth from taking over again.

handy man88 01-21-2010 07:20 PM

Are you using HE laundry detergent? If so, check how much you are putting in. The fill line on the cap is much lower compared to regular liquid detergent.

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