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washer drain pipe

hi all,
i just purchased this home. i was wondering?
i want to locate the laundry room in this mudroom-like room, opposite wall is kitchen (sink). The water heater(gas) is in this room and it has two pipes comming from it and extending out like a make-shift hot and cold pipe for a washer? the is no drain pipe, but it seems the previous owners just put it throught a window which happen to be the kitchen sink on the other side......

i know nothing about plumbing, except simple stuff, like drain pipe repair/replace, install sinks, toliets etc.. but, these pipes comming out of the water heater are supposed to be comming out of the wall i would think.
my question is first, is it very expensive to relocate a water heater (its located next to a outside window) i want it outside same location(on the other side of the window, just outside) AND can you connect a drain pipe for a washer to the kitchen sink drain pipe, located in the wall right there where i would put the washer ?
also is there any part of these task that you'll think i can do myself ( i'm self taught and very inclined is a lot of things) i know the major plumbing things has to be contracted out( i am the worst customer, i admit, cause i'm right there the whole time soaking up everything i can, WITH questions of course) hey i get my moneys worth! lol

is this very expensive?

also under neath all is a cellar, if it would help?


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first off

You dont say what kind of pipes you are tieing into under the sink to drain the washer to. Plastic, galvinized, cast??? Is there a cleanout or extra port available?? Plastic is the easiest to work with for a DIY'er.

Secondly you didnt say IF its electric water heater OR gas. Electric is easier to move over IF you can get pipes to fit. Those connection ARE??? ,,,copper,,,galvanized,,, or___???. Moving chimneys can be tricky!!(gas water heater).

And exactly why do you need pipes coming out of the wall vs connections at the top of the heater?? IF the hoses reach or buy longer hoses,,,dont fight city hall unless you HAVE too!!

A washing machine SHOULD be in a drain box in case it overflows. Happened to me ONCE in 40 years BUT thats all it takes!! Particle board subfloors and overflowing washers for 4 days SURE make a MESS!!

hope this helps but need further info!!--just don--


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You will need local Building Inspection Department permits and inspections for plumbing (water and gas) and electrical work related to this project.
If I were you, I would get three professional plumbing contractors to bid on it.
You probably don't want to connect a washing machine drain to your kitchen sink drain (line too small for one thing). It may not even be allowed.
Good luck!
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thanks so much for the replys.

i think i am going to go with getting estimates for these jobs.

the water heater is gas. the pipe is plastic. you're right the drain does not seem large enough for a washer to drain. previous owner saind the water heater was located just below it's present location in the cellar, but, when the storm(Rita) hit it flooded the cellar so they relocated there, but i want it outside.

i love this board!!!
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