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wombosi 11-13-2008 04:58 PM

Want to tile bathroom - raise plumbing?
Pulled the linoleum off the floor, found painted yellow pine, same as in the kitchen, except for a pretty mangy section of plywood patched in around the toilet (presumably for plumbing access reasons).

In any case, I want to lay down 1/2" durock and tile the floor, working around the snaking mess of exposed plumbing.

So, in regard to plumbing, I want to learn to do whatever is necessary myself, to allow the tub to go back into place, as well as the new toilet, and raising up the radiator.

As a separate issue, I will be replacing the corner sink with something no doubt a slightly different size (bigger, mostly). What should I plan on doing from a plumbing standpoint to accomodate the sink?
Do I assume there is blocking inside the wall to lag the sink to?

Let's do this! I want to dig in and get it done. Would love your help.

Thar she blows.
UNderneatht he sink.

So, how bad is it? What will I need to do? How much material?

Can I install shutoffs, and just do flexible supply lines from there?

PLease advise.


AllanJ 11-13-2008 07:33 PM

I am led to believe that the mangy plywood is subfloor and was put there to replace rotted out material. Also I am led to believe that cement board requires a solid subfloor beneath it. Otherwise it and ceramic tiles will crack if the subfloor has give underneath.

You should install shutoffs for each supply pipe for each fixture. I would say that flexible connections from the shutoffs to the fixtures are very convenient. (No shutoff for the radiator if the forced hot water goes from one radiator to the next.)

wombosi 11-13-2008 07:54 PM

thanks. whatever is going on with the subfloor i can and will repair prior to laying down durock.
the question i am asking is HOW and what to do to the pipes to get everything back in place? cut everything with a sawzall and install the shutoffs at the right height?
hope that the old nuts unscrew? then have a seam potentially buried in the floor?

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