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Originally Posted by pushpa View Post
Thanks. I have tried very hard to find a tank compatible with my natural colored Eljer 1605 toilet but have not succeeded. Is it really true that no compatible tank exists?
Do you have a reuse sales outlet nearby? I've seen a "lot" of used toilets at the reuse outlet in our area. Very inexpensive too.



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I'm posting on this tread because it addresses what I see as the only viable solution for my toilet tank crack problem. I have a pink 1962 Rheem (Richmond-Rheem) toilet, which has worked fine (apparently) in this home since 1962! However, on Sunday, I noticed water leaking in my basement laundry area, directly below the toilet-- and went upstairs to discover the tank had a leaking crack about 1/3 way down. There was a bit of lime scale build up on the outside of tank, so perhaps it had been slow drip leaking for a while and I just didn't notice it. I immediately flushed & drained most of the water-- so it's not a problem. BUT, they don't even make Rheem toilet tanks in any color anymore from my Internet searches. So, my choices are 1) get the tank repaired, like discussed here, or 2) find a used/wholesale/ old toilet replacements place where I could purchase a matching color used tank. It will wreck the asthetic of my pink tub & basin which are in good, smooth condition too, to replace with a different, new "modern" looking toilet. Could you guys suggest places to purchase replacements in the Chicago area-- or where they would repair?

I have a friend who might attempt the DIY crack repair discussed in previous messages. It is scary to think it might "blow" like one poster mentioned-- but if Basement water cracks can be sealed/repaired, it seems this could too?? And the aquarium repairs done with silicone-- Opinions? It would seem that the silicone repair might be the most durable and waterproof (3M products are excellent in this regard). A 3rd option would be to have it "relined"-- anyone ever heard of doing that-- what do you folks think of that?

PS: I'm not a plumber nor going to do the work myself, but do have a great handyman person who might attempt it. Any and all suggestions very gratefully considered. Thanks,
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Eljer is a cheap toilet---why not replace it? The cost of failure is 100 times the cost of a new toilet.

That thing will pump hundreds of gallons of water into your house if it splits.
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I know I wrote a "long" post -- but your answer re Eijer toilet is not pertinent to my problem or issue.

I do not have an Eijer-- but a vintage 60s Rheem toilet tank that cracked.

Should I have started a new post?
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Doing it myself
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Originally Posted by khaef View Post
Should I have started a new post?
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khaef (09-09-2011)
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Some things not worh fixing

Just had to comment on the question of fixing the broken toilet tank. I'm most definitely a DYI person and regularly fix lots of things others would throw away. But in this case I agree with the guys that say REPLACE it.
If you can't replace just the tank, replace the entire toilet. It's FAR cheaper than repairing all the water damage you'll have if that tank breaks the rest of the way and your at work. I'm a retired insurance agent and can't tell you how many times I've gotten a call from a highly agitated homeowner who has come home to find several hundred to thousands of gallons of water throughout their house. Not only does it damage floors, walls, and ceilings of the floor below. You can end up with mold in places you didn't think the water got too. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and replace the toilet.


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