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twilightcall 08-24-2008 07:06 PM

Very Small leak at Shower Valve on Cold Water Side, Threaded. Tighten it more or ?
I just installed a new Moen shower valve. It takes threaded fittings. I used pex for my hot and cold supply and copper (sweated) for my tub spout and riser. Since the Moens I looked at only came with a shower valve that would take a threaded fitting that is what I went with. The problem I am having is as follows: I bought (2) 1/2 threaded to pex brass fittings. I teflon taped them and installed them on the valve. After everything was connected I turned on the water and I had a small leak on both of the Pex fittings on the threaded valve side not the pex clamp side. I turned off the water and tightened them some more. The hot side is now leak free however the cold side leaks a very small amount. I tightened the crap out of it but can still tighten it some more. However I don't want to over tighten it but I want to stop the leak. What would you guys do? Would you tighten it some more or take it back apart and retry it? My copper sweat joints with the threaded 1/2 pipe thread all work great with no leaks. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

buletbob 08-24-2008 07:49 PM

being it is going behind a closed up wall, i would UN do both of them give two extra turns on the Teflon tape then swipe the threads with pipe thread paste. reinstall. piece of mind in the long run. BOB

SD515 08-24-2008 08:29 PM

Sounds like just not enough T-tape on the threads at install. I'd be careful about the process of backing out the fitting with the Pex still installed. The turning of the fitting inside the pex may cut a groove inside the pipe and leak also. If you have the clamp ring cutters, I'd just cut the clamp off, take the fitting out, re-tape it and try it again.

twilightcall 08-25-2008 08:19 AM

Thanks guys. I will remove them and retape them. I went out and bought some pipe dope also. I will put it over the teflon tape just to be safe. Hopefully this will seal it up.

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